As an athlete who plays squash, have you been wondering whether lifting and weight training can help you become a better squash player?

Athletes need to maintain a certain weight and perform adequate fitness to become efficient in their sport. While some sports may require having more bulk muscles, others just have to maintain a normal figure so to not compromise on speed and agility.

This is why many players in sports where speed and strength are crucial, such as racquetball, baseball, tennis, basketball, squash and others, get confused whether they should go on a strength training program  or not, as they think it may bulk them up, decreasing their speed.

In this article, however, we will check out the benefits of strength training for squash players to give you a more concrete idea on how to become fit for squash.

how to become fit for squash

How To Become Fit For Squash

Squash is a highly physical sport where various physical fitness factors are required to become an effective player. Speed, agility, stability, strength, and power are tested in all players to become champions.

In order to achieve the full benefits of weight training and exercises as a squash player you’re going to need the proper information in which to base your decision.

To further discuss how strength training can influence your performance on the squash court, below are the benefits of strength training for squash players and why you should start creating your weight training exercises for squash.

Benefits Of Strength Training For Squash Players

  1. Increases your muscle strength

Stronger muscles help develop greater power and endurance. Stronger muscles contribute a lot in the efficiency of movement and energy. If you have stronger muscles, it costs you less energy to execute a move, preserving your stored energy for more endurance.

  1. Contributes to more powerful muscles

Power is the ability of the muscles to produce force at the fastest possible time. In sports like squash where speed and strength are vital factors for every athlete, developing powerful muscles is important. Weight training and exercises for squash is designed to increase muscular power for stronger and faster execution.

  1. Less body fat

Body fat can decrease speed, endurance, power, strength, and agility. By going on strength training workouts specifically designed for squash, you will achieve fat loss and improve the efficiency of your movements, making your executions faster and stronger with less energy being used.

benefits of strength training for squash players

Weight Training And Exercises For Squash

Weight training doesn’t right away mean you’ll have to bulk up. There are weight training workout plans specifically made for athletes of different sports to improve their fitness for a certain sport. Aside from lifting weights, weight training requires a lot of other factors in order for you to bulk up. This may include a proper and monitored diet and an ample amount of rest to let the muscles build and grow. Since you always have to practice, you remain active and thus your muscles cannot bulk up like you’ve imagined it.

So create your own workout plans for body strength and conditioning and become a better squash player.

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