A beginners’ guide to squash

If we would like to take a sport which can be played all year around, boosts cardio fitness and improves reflexes, then we should start playing squash.

What is squash?

Many people know squash in connection with tennis.

They both need two players and require the use of rubber ball. However, playing squash requires a playing wall and a smaller rubber ball.

Its basics

Squash is a racquet sport with two players who play inside a court with four walls. To serve the ball, one player should direct it to a playing wall with specifics as to where the ball should hit. The playing surface is usually marked by an out line that if the ball touches it or goes way beyond it, it is considered out. Both of the two players have to hit the ball like in tennis. We can get points in this game like that of tennis – usually played in nine games, where the points can go up to 11 or 21.

Let’s get started

Like other sport, squash also makes use of necessary equipment. Squash and tennis racquets are not the same, so we have to be very careful in choosing the proper equipment. Not only does the racquet differ but also the kind of rubber ball we use. The type of ball depends on the level where we are. The color of balls, which include double yellow, yellow, red and blue, basically indicates the speed of play. Other gears include safety goggles, which protect our eyes from unexpected bounces of the rubber ball as well as shoes, which have to be light and comfortable to wear. In other cases, players opt to get shoes which offer ankle protection to lessen the possibility of injuries from slipping.

Its benefits

We can gain lots of benefits from playing squash. As it results in an intense cardio workout, it helps lessen the risks of cardiovascular diseases. This activity is also involved in boosting the immune system. Moreover, it can improve blood circulation for it is also considered a form of exercise. It can also relieve us from stress and improve our mind’s focus and performance. And whenever we feel like losing some sweat during the rainy days, we can play it any time we want to since it’s an indoor sport.

Its risks

Even if we consider squash as an indoor sport, it also has its risks. For beginners, squash can be as easy as it looks but if we are already playing it, it can get as hard as playing tennis. The risks for sprains and injuries come very high, as it also requires fast-paced movement and stretching. For beginners, the ball bounces to the wrong side which leaves us unprepared, letting the ball hit us. This can cause eye and face injuries which can cause complications in the end. But these are not considered common. The most common injuries include wrist and ankle sprains and dislocations. The worst thing that could happen is if we break our bones due to a bad landing or improper playing of squash.