Can Weight Training Help You Become A Better Squash Player

As an athlete who plays squash, have you been wondering whether lifting and weight training can help you become a better squash player? Athletes need to maintain a certain weight and perform adequate fitness to become efficient in their sport. While some sports may require having more bulk muscles, others just have to maintain a normal figure so to not compromise on speed and agility. This is why many players in sports where speed and […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing Squash

 Though it many not be a very popular sport in North America, squash has acquired popularity as a sport worldwide. An indoor sport which requires the use of racquets, squash is played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. Squash is a fast-moving sport and is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It is a game that can be played at any age and is easy to learn. There are many […]